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Smart Production Line
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We introduced the latest flexible intelligent production line for increasing 50% production efficiency with 30% cost reduction.
True innovation occurs for us when we can connect a specifier’s vision with our experience and production ability – developing
durable products, affordable ideas, inventing new techniques and trying new materials. Union Star E-mail


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What Makes Great Table Base?
What Makes Great Table Base?
A good quality table base should be strong enough to hold the material the top is made from and support whatever you might be placing on it, it should be durable and hard wearing especially when it comes to a restaurant or a bar because of the amount of use it will have. A great frame also has to be stable; it is no good having a wobbly component because whatever you put on the table top will fall! The unit also needs to be easy to clean and should match a table top.
All-in-one Furniture System
All-in-one Furniture System
Have you ever imagined that living in all-in-one transformable space where there are equipped with living room, bedroom, kitchen in the same space? The Ori Robotice Furniture has using transoformable furniture pieces to create a all-in-one living box.In this case, you don't need to bother so much in selecting tables, beds, chairs or any other furniture. It consists of large cabinet-like modules that integrate multiple furniture items within it. The cabinet acts as a divider that separating a sp
What Is The Most Concern Of A Furniture Designer?
What Is The Most Concern Of A Furniture Designer?
No matter furniture designers or interior designers, they spend time learning and understanding both local and national codes that will eventually affect your location, which can prevent you from making an omission that may delay your occupancy permit. A designer will also specify products designed for your use so they’ll perform better over time. In nowadays Once you own the product you must carefully maintain it to prevent liability from a person being injured.